Learn How To Take A Shower On The Inside and Let Your Food Be Your Medicine

Learn How To Take A Shower On The Inside and Let Your Food Be Your Medicine
Learn How To Take A Shower On The Inside and Let Your Food Be Your Medicine

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The KenkoAir Purifier Is Amazing. Enjoy Allergy Season This Year.

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  • Removes dust, pollen and odors from indoor air

  • Helps reduce symptoms of seasonal allergies

  • Helps improve sleep quality

  • Automatic smart sensor monitors indoor air

  • Powerful filtration using HEPA 13 and carbon filters

To learn more, Listen to this Call from February 24, 2016.  Linda Morris Shares about Nikken's Kenko Air Purifier. one of our wonderful Air Wellness Technology Solutions.
The Nikken KenkoAir Purifier combines superior technology with additional features, at a competitive price. The KenkoAir includes multiple filter stages, with an ultra low penetration air filter. The HEPA 13 and Carbon filters, the longtime standard for hospital operating rooms, microassembly clean rooms and nuclear laboratories. No other air filtration system matches this level of performance.

Nikken added negative-ion generation to provide forest-air freshness, the exhilarating feeling produced by high levels of negative ions in natural settings. The KenkoAir Purifier is also engineered to operate without producing toxic ozone. Its design is sleek and lightweight, and with an Energy Star rating the KenkoAir gives you lower operating costs and helps preserve the environment. Although its price is comparable to many ordinary air filters, the KenkoAir Purifier offers you far more.

Nikken's Insoles Have Provided Energy for People Like You for 47 Years - Why Not You?

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Click Here to Listen to Linda Morris provide reasons why we love our insoles. You will love them too. Available in two distinctive styles. mStrides and mSteps.  Click here to See Product Demo 
The New mStrides and mSteps are a major step forward in design and engineering, mStrides feature exclusive DynaFlux™ Magnetic Technology and exceptional comfort. Patent-pending DynaFlux provides 100% coverage and intensifies the magnetic field for greater depth. With mStrides in place, walking creates a dynamic energy flow — in effect, a magnetic field generator inside shoes.

Exclusive TriPhase® Technology adds gentle far-infrared energy and soothing negative ions. The mStrides surface is long-wearing, does not absorb moisture or odor and is ventilated to stay cool. These are the most advanced and durable insoles in the world.