Learn How To Take A Shower On The Inside and Let Your Food Be Your Medicine

Learn How To Take A Shower On The Inside and Let Your Food Be Your Medicine
Learn How To Take A Shower On The Inside and Let Your Food Be Your Medicine

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Vital Wellness Calls by Linda Morris - April 15 Muscle Testing, April 22 Jade GreenZymes and April 29 Lactoferrin 1.8

Listen to Call   April 29, 2014 - Tweaking Nutrition with Muscle Testing.   Linda Morris, Bill Zeweniuk and others teach us how we can help ourselves be healthy and feel better.


http://www.mynikken.com/views/global/information-center/image-library/products/kenzen-jade-greenzymes_en_US.jpgListen to Call   April 22, 2014   - The Magic of Jade GreenZymes -   Wow! How amazing is Jade Greenzymes?! It is a perfect food and there really isn't anything that can compare to it. I also scanned the greenzymes information from the Nikken nutrional guide by Joanne Stapensea. A day without greenzymes is like a day without sunshine!

Listen to Call   April 15, 2014 -  Benefits of Lactoferrin Gold 1.8

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Discovered Linda Morris' Vital Balance Calls. February 25 through April 8, 2014

A couple weeks ago I heard of these calls.  Have listened in and the calls are AMAZING. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.  

Calls are Tuesday and Friday Mornings at 8:30 AM Eastern for 30 minutes. 218-548-8267 pin 1818#

As I find links to more of the past calls, I will add them to this post.

Note:  We do not make medical claims, just share personal experiences we greatly enjoy.

Listen to Call Listen to Group Discussion after the Call  April 8, 2014  Linda Morris interviews RN Barb Satterwhite. Linda emailed before the call: "Tuesday morning we are so blessed to have [a] nurse from Virginia and Nikken Platinum Barbara Satterwhite gracing us with her insights and information on Bone and Joint health."

Listen to Call  April 1, 2014  Linda teaches us about Immune Support. Linda emailed:  "Here is this mornings vital balance call on Nikken's Immunity supplement benefits including the personal experiences of  Barbara Bertucci and Raymonde LeMay. Have a happy healthy day!"

Linda included these notes from a previous lecture by Roger Drummer

"I’ll summarize a few of the best mushrooms that are easiest to find.
Maitake—primarily used to rapidly boost T cell production, it’s one of the best for dramatically boosting your immune system’s rapid response to immediate threats. It is currently being studied by the FDA as a future treatment for breast and prostate cancer.
Shiitake—helps increase overall immunity and is used to make a potent antiviral, anti cancer drug (#2) called Lentinan. It’s great for nutritional deficiencies and detoxing the liver. Dried and powdered it makes excellent gravy as a replacement for meat.

Reishi—One of my favorite herbs and also one that played a major role in helping me get over Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It boost immunity, improves circulation, improves liver function, maintains healthy respiratory function, and lifts your spirits. Reishi is often used as part of a cholesterol-lowering program and is a potent adaptogen and stress reliever.

Trametes—Often called Turkey Tail, it can restore a weak immune system and is most often used as a cancer treatment. Clinical trials in Japan show it can triple survival rates for certain cancers and that’s why it’s still the #1 drug of choice for cancer there.

Cordyceps—keeps your lung, kidneys and immune system functioning properly and is often used to fight fatigue, improve stamina and endurance. This amazing tonic is a favorite for world-class athletes and those suffering from exercise induced asthma.

Tremella—a shroom used in Israel to make a potent antiviral drug called Tremellan, it is used in Chinese medicine to treat lung infection and to restore proper moisture in the lungs after illness.

Agaricus Blazei—a potent immune booster originally from the forests of Brazil, Agaricus is used to fight stress, reduce cholesterol, increase circulation and fight cancer. Clinics all over South America use this mushroom as a sole remedy for cancer.
These are some of the most potent and most commonly found mushrooms that can have a pronounced effect on building immunity.

All of these are in NIkken Immunity ( Mushroom Complex in Canada) and more . Health effects of Mushrooms are well documented on PUB MED.

NIkken's is a proprietary blend of 14 organically grown mushrooms, 6 of which are rare strains - exclusive to Nikken (patent pending) - designed to fortify and invigorate the immune system for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Bio-Directed Immunity is not medicine; it is a food. This is the only product of it1s kind in this country.

All of the 14 mushrooms work synergistically. All strains are proprietary and have been isolated during the last decade by master mycologist John Holliday. The mushrooms are grown on exclusive, proprietary substrates (growing media) comprised of highly beneficial, organically certified whole grains, minerals and nutrients designed to promote the optimal growing environment for each species of mushroom. They are grown on the Island of Maui’s Haleakala Plateau under pristine environmental conditions.

This formula makes available the widest range of beneficial beta glucans found in any formula on the market today.

The info on Immunity can be found on the QRS on the [Nikken] website.
I have some sources of mushroom - health articles although most are pretty old.

Listen to Call  March 25, 2014  Linda emailed:  "The healthy benefits of Nikken's Liver Support and why it may assist you in releasing weight and getting better.  Benefits from Nikken Joint Complex and different aches and discomforts."

Listen to Call  March 18, 2014  Linda emailed:  "The healthy benefits of Nikken's Bergesterol, heart health plus blood sugar balance and why it is in Nikken's weight loss package."

 Listen to Call  March 4, 2014  Linda emailed:  "Heather Louck's health journey, the scary realization of waking up paralyzed one morning and her journey back to health including releasing 80 pounds in 8 months with the Vital Balance Meal Replacement plus eating plan."

Listen to Call  February 25, 2014  Linda emailed:  Benefits of healthy salt featuring Platinum consultant Gloria Offerle. Really great information. Copy link and paste, 12 minute recording.....more great info occurred but we stopped the recording. That is the benefit of being on live to hear this great stuff.