Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 28, 2015 Calls about Bone Health

Nikken Bone Health Pack

Listen to Call   April 28, 2015   Linda Morris and Barbara Satterwhite talk about Bone Health. Linda Morris shares:

Good morning.
We had a great call this morning on bone and joint replenishment with RN Barbara Satterwhite. We had great personal testimonies from Royal Diamond Igor Gruendl and Heather Loucks NP
The month of May Tuesday morning calls will be on Nikken's Bio-replenishment and CalDenx benefits and helpful information. As always, remember, we do not diagnose or treat any illness. We just share information and personal stories! 

Barbara Satterwhite RN Bio

“Bone/Joint Health- New Research”

Born and educated in Canada, she came to the US to visit and stayed.

Barbara worked at the Medical College of Virginia Hospitals (MCV/VCU) for 29 years. Her main clinical focus was oncology.

 She served on the Board of Directors of The National Oncology Nursing Society and was active at both the national and local levels. She also served on the Board of the Oncology Certification Corporation. She was an active member of the American Cancer Society, locally & nationally.

She has published in nursing and medical journals.

Barbara is presently a Nikken Independent Consultant. Nikken is a global Japanese company that brings researched wellness products to market.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 21, 2015

Listen to Call   April 21, 2015   Linda Morris share info about Kenzen Liver Support.

• Supports the liver’s detoxification action*
• Assists metabolism*
• High bioavailablity for better absorption*
• Rich in flavonoids
• High-yield blend, enhanced formulation
• Proprietary process maximizes active ingredients
• Gluten free

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 14, 2015 - Call about Kenzen Vital Balance

Listen to Call   April 14, 2015  Linda Morris shares info about Kenzen Vital Balance.


It is designed to support essential biological processes — to help burn fat and
boost metabolism while it promotes healthy brain function and elimination of toxins. With
probiotics to assist in digestive and immune system activity, in an organic-based, 125-calorie
formula that has all-vegetable protein, no added salt, sugar, artificial flavors or preservatives.
Where else can you get so smart? 

 Kenzen Vital Balance is more than a protein meal replacement or
nutritional product. It is a functional food — a unique formulation based
on biological research and designed by a team of scientists to support
physical processes and help persons of any age to remain healthy.

Food for Action, Food for Thought- Click to Watch Video